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After Dark
Group exhibition at m2 Gallery, Surry Hills
 15 - 22 December 2021

This exhibition is a series of reflections on the complex evocations of the night. In the tradition of the nocturne, these works celebrate and investigate the compelling narratives of the human experience after dark. Themes of rest, nostalgia and intimacy contrast themes of darkness, terror and secrecy. Whilst these artists work from varied perspectives, they are strung together by the impulse towards the contemplative and the personal; presenting works that are at once quiet and provocative, intimate and exposing.

'After Dark' features twelve artists working across painting, drawing and printmaking. They are Belle Blau, Amelia Carroll, Joshua Charadia, Eliza Gosse, Richard Healy, Anna May Henry, Nuan Ho, Drew Connor Holland, Neva Hosking, James Needham, Indivi Sutton and Francesca Zak.

Click here to download the exhibition catalogue.

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